Art of Dance Studio caters to everyone, from the soon-to-be wedded couple to individuals who want to build their own personal dance repertoire. We offer, private and group lessons tailored for your specific needs and goals.

Private Lessons
Custom tailored instruction
Beginner to Advanced
Flexible Schedule
Customized Lessons
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Group Lessons
6 weeks
Weekly Instruction
Latin Dance
Groups of 4-12
6 One Hour Sessions
Offered at 3 Levels
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Wedding Basics
Package Rate Starting at
Customized Schedule
Learn the basics
3 or 6 Hour Package
Basic Routine
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Wedding Intermediate
Full Package Rate
Weekly Schedule
Get confident
8 One Hour Sessions
Full Choreography
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Wedding Comprehensive
Full Package Rate
Weekly Schedule
Ready to WOW your guests?
12 One Hour Sessions
Full Choreography
First Dance, Parent Dance
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So, if you're ready to join our classes, we would love to have you!  

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