Denise Aversa – Instructor


Hi, I'm Denise 🙂

I originally started dancing when I was 6 years old to help correct an issue with my feet.  Ballet was my first love, however when my family moved to Canada, my dance training was put on hold.   The moment I had my own spending money, I immediately looked into returning to ballet.  Sadly, ballet classes were full and Latin Ballroom classes was one of my only options. Feeling optimistic, I decided to try it out and fell in love with the dance form almost instantly.

My dance coach taught me every dance move I know and I am extremely thankful to have had the pleasure of learning from her. Well, the rest is simple: I matured, met the love of my life, adopted our cute puppy, and got married. Five years prior to this, however, my dance coach of 17 years decided I was ready to make my own path.

In 2013, I decided to open up my own studio and offer lessons to aspiring dancers from the beginner to professional. Today, Art Of Dance is a thriving dance studio which caters to anyone interested in learning.